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Labour MP comes un-spun!

July 19, 2009

Lewisham East’s Labour MP made a weak attempt to spin the truth at a meeting to discuss the future of the derelict Green Man pub on Bromley Road this week.

At the event, organised by Phoenix Community Housing, Bridget Prentice tried to claim that in the recent by-election in the area, Labour lost the vote, but won the argument about the need for the re-development of the Green Man and other neglected sites along Bromley Road.

Who she won the argument against is anyone’s guess, because local people and Lib Dem councillors have been demanding the appropriate re-development of the area for years. In fact, it’s the Labour party that have done everything in their power block it.

It was an ex-Labour leader of Lewisham Council who backed plans to build a huge residential block on the site of the Green Man, against residents’ wishes.

It was an ex-Labour councillor who tried to trick local residents into signing a bogus petition in support of the plan.

And it was only Labour councillors who voted in favour of the scheme when it went to planning committee.

It’s time Labour stopped spinning, and started listening.

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