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Students say ‘ENOUGH!’ to violence

February 16, 2010

I’d like to say a big ‘thank you’ to everyone who made our ENOUGH! event at Bonus Pastor school such a success.

At the special all-day event on Friday, the students used drama, debate and discussion to build the skills and confidence to avoid and defuse violent situations. We had some of London’s best youth groups, the Young Mayor and Deputy Young Mayor, the police and the school, all working together and contributing their time for free.

ENOUGH! is a campaign based in Southeast London, which aims to reduce the level of youth violence in our community. I chair the Lewisham branch of the campaign.

Young people suffer far to much violence in London, and I think one of the problems is that they sometimes lack the skills to simply walk away. This day was about helping young people learn how to avoid becoming the next victim.

The day culminated in a panel discussion which was chaired by the Young Mayor and Deputy Young Mayor, with lively debate and questions from the students. Barry and Margaret Mizen, who were on the panel, spoke movingly about their son who was murdered in May 2008. Mr Mizen urged the students to “just walk away” if they ever find themselves in a violent situation.

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