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Commuters left stranded at Lewisham Station’s Exit 4

March 5, 2010

Commuters using Lewisham Station have been left stranded, after both Southeastern Railway and the Labour Government passed the buck on a decision to extend the opening hours of the exit ramp at platform 4.

The exit ramp provides a convenient and safe route for commuters who live to the north of Lewisham Road to leave the station. However, Southeastern’s franchise agreement only require them to keep the exit open from 4 – 7pm on weekdays, leaving many commuters facing a long detour to get to and from the station, which can add 50% to journey times.

When I called on the Government’s Department for Transport to open up the Exit, they passed the buck on the matter, saying that the opening hours of the exit is a, “matter for the station operator, Southeastern, to make.”

But Southeastern said recently, “A decision on the future of the Lewisham station side gate is still awaited from the Department for Transport.”

There seems to be complete confusion between the Department for Transport and Southeastern Railway. Both parties are passing the buck on the future of the exit. Meanwhile commuters are left stranded. The common sense solution is to install an entrance and exit at the foot of the new stairs that have been built beside platform 4, but neither the Government nor the railway company appear wiling to consider this. Southeastern have a new slogan, ‘It’s time for change’. It certainly is!

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