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Standing up for tenants’ rights

March 31, 2010

Tenants on two estates in Lewisham East have recently been facing major changes… without being given a say on what those changes are. The Crown Estate is threatening to sell off its properties in Lee Green against the wishes of the tenants, and without a vote, or even an effective consultation process. I joined a large rally of tenants from The Crown Estate properties across London last week and called on The Crown to explain why is was proposing the sell off when the estate clearly meets the urgent need in Lewisham for more social and affordable housing.

Tenants and residents on Excalibur Estate were also facing a major change without being given a vote. The Council was proposing to re-develop the Estate through a regeneration scheme, which does not oblige them to offer residents a ballot – a crucial part of the plans for the Estate up till then. I have campaigned to secure a vote for residents, which I believe is the fairest way forward. Last week we convinced the Lewisham Mayor to agree to this, and I look forward to a speedy and fair decision on the future of the Estate.

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