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Pete’s Pledge

If I am elected as your MP, I pledge that:

I will LISTEN to you and put you first. I will:

  • hold regular surgeries out in the community, for example in supermarkets, at community events or in leisure centres.
  • ask you every year to complete a survey about what matters to you, and report back on what I am doing
  • respond to enquires promptly and honestly
  • use the Internet and email to keep in touch, ask your views and respond quickly to issues that arise

I will be LOYAL to you and make sure your voice is heard in Parliament. I will:

  • campaign in Parliament for the issues that matter to YOU
  • make sure everyone is heard and respected, regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, sexuality or faith
  • meet regularly with local servive provides like the police, health services and residents’ groups

I will be HONEST about all expenses incurred in representing you. I will:

  • always live in the constituency, as I do now
  • never employ members of my family
  • publish on my website every penny I spend representing you
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